Getting around your home safely and independently is important for everybody.

The number of accessible private and rental homes in New Zealand is slowly rising, but there is still a major shortage. This means that you may need to make some modifications or get some equipment to make your home more accessible.

Modifying rental accommodation

If you are renting a place, there is assistance available for you to have modifications made:

Modifying your own home

  • You may need to get a needs assessment (through a NASC agency). An occupational therapist will be able to recommend modifications and equipment that would work for you
  • You may be able to get funding through the Ministry of Health
  • If you want to build your own home, some building companies have more experience in building accessible homes
  • The CCS Disabiilty Action library has some really good resources on designing accessible homes

Support from CCS Disability Action

We provide a number of services that can support you through deciding what you want to do and how you get there. We can offer a barrier free assessment in most areas - someone coming in to your home, assessing your needs and looking at what your options are.

See our list of services, or contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action if you are interested in finding out more about these services and how we can support you.

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