I am here - Article 19

We are really concerned about the barriers faced by people with high and complex needs. So we commissioned researchers from the Donald Beasley Institute to work alongside twelve people with high and complex support needs to tell their stories and be heard. The result is the powerful Article 19 - I am Here research.

The twelve people involved told us that they were denied the fundamental freedom to choose where they live and who they live with and to be included in the community. This must change!

We want to use this research to change the way the government and wider society treats people with high and complex needs. People with high and complex needs must be included in society, the same as everyone else. We want you to be part of the change. Please take the time to read about the research and get involved with the conversation on our blog site. We have also created an email petition on our blog site, please consider signing the petition.

We also have postcards, which you can send to your local MP or to a Government Minister.

Postcard 1 (PDF 1MB)

Postcard 2 (PDF 1MB)

Postcard 3 (PDF 1MB)

You can also pickup the postcards from our branches or contact us to be sent one.

You can read a plain language version of the executive summary here (PDF 1mb)

You can read an easy read summary here (PDF 2mb)

You can read a blog on the research here 

You can read the full research report (PDF 3,430 KB)

You can read a briefing on Article 19 here (106 KB)