Do some fundraising

Ever thought about having some fun by doing your own fundraising...and then giving the proceeds to CCS Disability Action?

If you wanted to raise some money for people in New Zealand living with disability you could try some of these ideas:

  • Instead of giving or receiving birthday or Christmas presents, decide to give a donationGoing shopping - older man on his tricycle
  • Sell something on Trade Me
  • Organise a school or kindergarten mufti or dress-up day, for a gold coin donation
  • Hold an event and get people to sponsor you - you can do this through websites like Everyday HeroGivealittle or Fundraise Online
  • Involve your kids in raising and giving money – giving some of their pocket money, or selling some stuff, or holding an event
  • Hold a cake stall or sausage sizzle
  • Hold a garage sale

Once you have raised the money you can check out our donation page or contact your local branch.