Supported independent living

If you want to move into your own home and live independently, we can support you through our Supported Independent Living services.

This would all be done around a plan that will meet your goals and aspirations to ensure that you are in control of your life. You might want to get to know people and make friends in your area, find work and social activities, so the support you want will depend on your aspirations and goals.

Support we can offer you

These are just some examples of the support we can offer. They can cover various aspect of your life:

  • Finding and moving into a home of your own 
  • Developing skills for everyday living - for example, learning to budget and manage your money
  • Doing things in your community - like joining groups and meeting new people, learning something new, helping others, paid or voluntary work  
  • Keeping in contact with your family and friends

We will meet with you to write a plan that identifies your goals and the supports required to get there. We will then make a referral for you to your local Needs Assessment Service Coordination agency (NASC) to determine how much support you will be entitled to.

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more about our Supported Independent Living services (sometimes called Supported Living), contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.