Opportunities for young people

If you are at high school and you would like to get out more, meet new people and try new things we can make a plan with you about how to make that happen.

Youth group 13-17’s

We are young people who have fun together and try out new things. You’ll find us doing rock climbing, ice skating, Laser Strike, movies, social dances, art ‘n crafts. We usually meet on the second Friday of the month.

School leavers’ group 18-21’s

We are young people in our last couple of years at high school. We have fun and do new things. You’ll find us going out for tea, watching a live band, and staying out a bit later. We also may get a speaker or do a workshop around planning for what we will do when we leave school. We usually meet on the first Friday of the month.

Local youth groups

We can help you find out about any local youth groups and support you to join them.

Mentoring programme

If you are 13 or older you might be interested in our mentoring programme. This is where we match you up with someone older who has similar interests and background and has faced similar challenges to you.

You can make contact with your mentor once a fortnight and meet up for a few hours each month. You can catch up over coffee, go to the movies or do anything you both enjoy. This gives you the chance to learn from your mentor’s experiences of life and how they went about things. At any one time we have up to ten young people taking part in this programme which lasts for 18 months. 

Contact us

If you are interested in this service, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.