A to Z book holdersEver wondered what's in our library? Well, it's actually a bit like a mini public library - on disability. Most resources are about some aspect of disability.

We specialise in resources that are easier to read and aimed at a more general audience - rather than heavy scholarly or medical titles.

We also have a great collection of children's picture and story books, on a wide range of topics.

What's in the library?

Advocacy and rights

A key area in our library, this has resources on politics and government, advocacy, human rights, and abuse.


Resources on equipment and aids for people with disabilities. Includes resources on communication, IT and service animals.

Disabilities and health conditions

Information about a vast range of disabilities and health conditions, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, head injury, spinal cord injury, behaviour problems, Down syndrome, autistic spectrum disorders, depression, sensory processing and ADHD...the list goes on! No medical books here - we specialise in more easy to read resources.

Health care

We have a good historic collection of New Zealand health resources as well as resources on general health care issues, prenatal and pregnancy care, and nutrition and eating.

Interpersonal relations

One of the most well used parts of the library. Includes great collections on self esteem and social skills, friendship (for all ages) and parenting, sexuality, and child development.

Social policy and social work

The biggest section in the library. It's about economic and social policy, poverty and income then moves into social services for all ages and stages of life. It includes the resources we have on service delivery - how to provide a great service - and supported living - living where you choose to live. Also includes disability awareness resources and resources for social workers and community support workers.

Housing and accessibility

We have a brilliant very up to date collection of resources on building and housing design, creating a barrier free environment and lifetime design, aimed at all ages and stages of life.

Employment and careers

Our solid collection of resources on employment issues may help you find a job. It includes information on job development, supported employment and natural supports.


We have resources on education from early childhood right through to tertiary education. We specialise in resources on inclusive education - it's a key area for us. This section also has some good resources for teachers and classrooms.

Transport and travel

The library has a small collection of books on transport issues for people with disabilities.

Management and human resources

We have an excellent collection of resources for managers and people in their workplace. We have resources on team building, coping with change, having important conversations, and appreciative inquiry, by such people as Peter Senge, and Margaret Wheatley.


A collection of resources on fundraising in the not for profit sector and social marketing.

We're not just about books...

We have a great collection of DVDs as well as a small collection of toys and tools.

The toys are mostly educational games and the tools are things to help people learn skills, like how to brush your teeth or cook a meal.

We have a very international collection of magazines and journals - you can find the latest edition of such titles as New Mobility, Exceptional Parent and Disability Now on our display shelves.

For those of you wanting a bit more umph to your reading, we have titles like Disability and SocietyChildren Australia and the International Journal of Inclusive Education.

What now?

So, now you know what we are about! Would you like to search our library catalogue - and maybe order some resources?

You can either contact the library and get someone to help you do this - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or have a go yourself by going to our online library catalogue.