A photo of a young man who is standing up, facing the camera and resting his hands on a walking can.

It all started one Christmas morning three years ago when now 15-year-old, Australian Connor Mcleod was given some money inside a card. He had no idea how much it was and how generous or tight the present-giver had been. Being blind from birth, Connor was frustrated and slightly embarrassed by this gift and decided in that moment to do something about it.

CCS Disability Action is pleased the government is continuing to reform disability support services. The government has decided to pilot a new approach around Palmerston North. This new approach will be based on everything learnt in previous pilots.

The popular My Rights! workshops are now running a further two sessions in Christchurch. The events, which are targeted at young people aged 13-35 who experience impairment or disability, are free and explore subjects such as employment, health and education and much, much more.

Want to try public transport in a relaxed and fun environment. Join us on 11 February in Melling Station Lower Hutt.

To find out more, read this PDF or see below.

Every Monday night in the Napier Boys High School Gymnasium, there is a wheelchair sports club, come check it out. See this flyer for more infomation:


A big congratulations to CCS Disability Action Access Advisor Gerri Pomeroy who has been acknowledged with a Civic Award from the Hamilton City Council.