Leaving school (transition for ORS funded students)

The Transition Service is for students in their last year at school who are making decisions about what to do next - to ensure you achieve a valued role in the community.

This might be as a student, colleague, team-mate, volunteer worker, or participating in community activities. You can identify opportunities and experiences while you’re still at school so you’ve got a plan and the skills you need for becoming an adult.

Support we can offer you

We can assist you to develop a plan for your final year of school and then to move into your future. It is important that the plan is aligned with what you are interested in, your goals and aspirations.

We can provide a whole range of information and support. This might include:

  • Moving into further adult education
  • Finding some interesting work experience
  • Developing skills to get into paid employment
  • Choosing and moving to where you want to live
  • Finding and participating in activities the community (including recreational and leisure activities)
  • Developing skills for daily living in your community

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more about Leaving School (Transition Service for ORS funded students), contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.