Get savvy (with social media)

Social media, such as facebook and blogs, can help people in the disability community to develop social networks.

The internet is an important platform to discuss issues, find out about important events, and provide a forum for disability rights activism. 'Get Savvy' is a new service we are trialling for twelve months. We will be offering workshops to support young disabled people to learn skills for using the internet and social media, so they can take part in the online community. 

Get Savvy workshops

There will be a series of workshops for young people to develop practical online skills. The workshops will be presented by local experts and guest speakers, and will cover:

  • Developing a plan for how you want to use social media and social networking to connect with the community
  • Develop skills to use using two-way technologies such as blogs, Twitter and social networks
  • Learn about concepts and etiquette around social media
  • Learn about basic online safety and privacy

Contact us

If you are interested in the finding out more the Get Savvy service, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.