Barrier free and access advisory service

Benefits of Inclusive Design to Your Business

CCS Disability Action’s accredited Barrier Free Advisor and Educators work with the public and private sectors to help create built environments that are designed to be safe and accessible for all New Zealanders, irrespective of age and ability.

Today 25% of our population identify as having an impairment. Indeed, when you add in families with young children, the burgeoning baby boomer generation and people with a temporary injury or illness it becomes clear that accessible design is something that we will all benefit from at one point in our lives.

This group is known as the “access customer” and is widely viewed as one of the largest untapped market of potential customers and employees in the country.

Our adviser is an expert in universal design and can work with you to ensure that your building and business can tap into this growing consumer base.

How We Can Help

We offer a range of services for building owners, property developers, architects, or retail and commercial tenants keen to open their business to all people.

Our services include:

  • Preparing an accessibility report of your building.
  • Assess plans for new building designs. Our involvement at the concept/planning stages can help speed you through the consent process.
  • Advise on universally usable fixtures and fittings.

We can guide you through simple design solutions to help create a property that not only meets the New Zealand building code but is welcoming, accessible and user-friendly. 

By setting high design standards you signal your commitment to a built environment that all New Zealanders can enjoy, ensuring all people can live an ordinary life in their local community.

We believe the small investment required to create an inclusive building will pay big dividends for your business.


We also provide education and training for a broader audience on universal access and design and disability awareness. Breaking down attitudinal barriers to inclusive is an essential part of the wider journey to a fully accessible society.

Our Credentials

Our qualified Barrier Free Advisor and Educators bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge including:

  • Understanding of user needs.
  • Experience in the access field.
  • Knowledge and understanding of good practice and standards in relation to access.
  • Legal understanding.
  • Professional understanding and ability.