Disability awareness training

Our disability awareness training is designed to educate people on disability related issues and break down the barriers that exist to achieve a fully inclusive society.

We promote disability rights and an inclusive society through our involvement with local council, government agencies, community and health board committees, and through partnerships with other disability based organisations.

We promote these key messages in the programme:

  • One in five New Zealanders has a disability
  • Disabled people aim to live an ordinary life, accessing the same opportunities and everyday experiences as anyone else
  • Physical and attitudinal barriers, that prevent disabled people from feeling and being a part of the community, can be overcome
  • If you are familiar with appropriate use of language and etiquette around disability and disabled people, this can ensure everyone is at ease 

Disability awareness is about challenging attitudes and developing an understanding about disability - so disabled people can be part of the community like everyone else.

Providing a programme for you

We have delivered this training to government departments, local councils, secondary and tertiary students, bus and taxi drivers, health professionals and staff from other community groups. We can tailor our course to meet the needs of your group, and to fit the time you have available.

Our experienced disability awareness presenters all have a lived experience of disability. We provide our expertise on a fee for service basis and also work on specific projects.