Our Transition service supports young people who are between 16 and 21 years old and are thinking about leaving school in the next year or two years. Our role is to support young people and their families to plan for the steps needed to create a more independent life in the community

We offer one-one-one support based on a young person’s skills, interests and aspirations.

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We deliver a number of Government-contracts. These include:

  • Ministry of Social Development: Transition for young people who are eligible for Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) funding.
  • ACC: Transition for young people who are supported by ACC.

We also step in to work alongside youth who are ineligible for government funding but still need some support to realise their vision for themselves.

Supporting All Young People to Live their Potential

In addition to the work we are funded to deliver by Government, we also run a range of youth-focused groups and activities. These are geared at giving young people the skills and opportunities to live to their full potential (and have some fun along the way!).

Supported Lifestyles

Supported Lifestyles is a range of flexible services that are created around a person’s needs or aspirations.

This work can include:

  • Access to good information
  • Connecting people with their community and services they may need
  • Supporting people to plan and explore different options or goals
  • Providing independent support and advocacy to navigate challenges or barriers.

National Vocational

We work with disabled people aged between 16 and 35, who are not currently in school and are looking to build their community connections or move into employment. This is funded by the Ministry of Social Development.

This service has two main areas of focus.

The first is for people who would like to build meaningful and sustainable involvement within their community. Our role can include:

  • Paving the way for people to be involved in the life of their community based on their interests and aspirations.
  • Building leadership and confidence so that people can communicate what they want from life and create a plan to achieve this.

The second is for people who would like to secure employment.

Despite having a broad range of skills, experience and educational qualifications, people with a disability tend to be an under-utilised talent pool.

Our role is to match job seekers with employers and provide one-on-one support to help develop a strong, sustainable and productive working relationship.

This can include:

  • Arranging any modifications or equipment needed.
  • Support employers to access Government-funded subsidies.
  • Arrange work placements if disabled people need to up-skill, re-train or build their on-the-job experience.

Supported Independent Living

We believe all people have a right to live with independence and dignity. We are funded by the Ministry of Health to create a pathway to meaningful community engagement and employment for people aged 16 – 65.

This service is flexible and tailored to a person’s support needs and identified goals. Our role can include:

  • Putting a plan in place to support people to move out of home for the first time and working through the practical aspects needed to ensure this is a smooth process.
  • We can also assist with key transition points, such as moving into further education, getting ‘work ready’ for those considering paid employment and building a network of connections in the community.
  • We can also employ support workers who offer appropriate, respectful and practical support as people access training, employment and their community.

Very High Needs Services

We work partnership with people who need practical support to live a full, everyday life that has meaning for them. This aims to create meaningful community engagement or employment for people aged 16 – 65 who meet the criteria for the Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) funding.

Our approach means that the people we support are central in shaping their goals, outcomes and the how the journey will look.

We can have a role in:

  • Increasing confidence and independence.
  • Developing daily living skills.
  • Supporting people to take part in the activities or roles that they love.

Choice in Community Living

We believe that all people have the right to have a genuine choice in which neighbourhood they live in, the house they choose to live in, who they live with and whom they choose to invite in.

The aim of our Community Living service is to support people with disabilities to live in the community and home of their choosing. This service is funded by the Ministry of Health and is targeted at people between 16 – 65 who are currently living in residential care, or who are likely to move into residential care in the near future.

We provide the support people require to move into their own home and connect with their local neighbourhood.

Individualised Funding

Individualised Funding (IF) is a new way of paying for disability support that gives people greater choice and control over Ministry of Health funding. It enables disabled people to create their own plan, choose who provides their support and employ and manage their own staff. Our role can include:

  • Planning for how to use their funding to achieve what people want from life.
  • Exploring opportunities to get involved in the community.
  • Provide advice and support to assist people to work though barriers.
  • Assisting people to recruit good staff and be a responsible employer.
  • Administrative support with their budget