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What's New

 Front cover - An introduction to dyslexia

An introduction to dyslexia for parents and professionals

This practical guide provides basic need-to-know information for parents and professionals and answers frequently asked questions about dyslexia.


 Front cover - Stairs, ramps and escalators

Stairs, ramps and elevators: inclusive design guidance

This practical handbook sets out the design and specifications principles of steps, stairs, ramps and escalators for inclusive environments.


 Front cover of Positive Discipline

Positive discipline for children with special needs

Addresses the specific challenges that parents and teachers of children with special needs face, and offers advice for supporting them in positive ways.


 Front cover of DVD Mary and Max

Mary and Max (DVD)

Max Jerry Horovitz wants a friend. Mary Daisy Dinkle wants the same. Only problem is, Max, a large man with Asperger syndrome, lives in New York, while Mary, an eight-year-old girl, lives in Australia.


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