Whangarei Accessible Housing Trust

The Whangarei Accessible Housing Trust was originally inspired by a need identified by CCS Disability Action's Northland Local Advisory Committee (LAC).  This is a committee who represents the voice of people with disabilities provide goverance to the organisation.  The LAC partnered with local disabled people and leaders, Disabled People's Oraganisations and other local organisations to find solutions to the accessible housing shortage.

Disabled people were looking for non-residential accomodation options that were affordable, fully modified, high quality and that were in good neighbourhoods. They also identified the importance of creating properties that were close to public transport and the amenities that support tenants and their families to live full and independent lives.

Today the Whangarei Accessible Housing Trust is one of only two social housing trusts in the country that specifically addresses the gap in housing needs for people with disability who require fully accessible housing.

The Trust is led by people with a lived experience of a disability – a commitment that is essential to its ongoing success.

Currently the Trust owns 28 properties, 20 in Whangarei and eight in Auckland.  It relies heavily on philanthropic funding to assist with the employment of a Housing Projects Manager and the partnership with CCS Disability Action to reduce the infrastructure costs of employing staff for administration and financial supports so that it can remain focussed on providing affordable quality housing and building new properties in the Auckland and Northland areas.

If you’re interested in more information please contact:

Housing Projects Manager, Barry Moore.

09 9551829 or 027 244 0595

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