Supporting young people and adults

Young adult fixing a bike

Transition from School

Many young people need help to transition from secondary school to work, education, training or to participate in the wider community. Our Vocational and Transition Coordinator can support young people in their last year of school to plan for this new stage of life. This planning is done with the young person and family/whanau, the school and other services. Our support involves planning, hands on practical advice and help identifying and talking to education providers, training providers and employers. For more information, please contact our branches.

Supported Living

Supported Living is for people who want to live in their own home and retain as much independence as possible. We can help with;

  • moving from home into a flatting situation,
  • learning daily living skills such as cooking, shopping and cleaning,
  • managing a budget,
  • joining clubs and groups in the community,
  • keeping connected with family/whanau and friends.

This service requires a referral from the Needs Assessment & Service Coordination agency, Access Ability.

Vocational Service

Our Vocational Service, funded by the Ministry of Social Development, focuses on meaningful education, training and employment. This could mean attending polytechnic, university, a training programme, being involved in one to one tutoring, employment (voluntary, part time, casual or full time) and involvement with activities in the wider community. Our Vocational and Transition Coordinator helps adults plan and access opportunities, talks with employers and community organisations and provides practical support to people once they are in work, if it is required. For more information please contact our branches.