Home to home support

Most families and whanau and children need a break from each other at some time.

It’s not always easy though to find the right person to provide that break. Our Home to Home Service might be able to help.

You and your child or teen can enjoy regular short quality breaks from each other and get to know and make friends with someone outside the family home.

This service:

  • Provides a home environment for people who require relief care (time-out)
  • Ensures that carers (and other adults in the home) who provide services to the parents, guardians, family and whanau are assessed as being suitable and compatible to the families and the person with a disability
  • Close monitoring and evaluation is provided by the Home to Home Coordinator
  • Carers attend training which includes first aid and disability awareness

Shared support home to home

This is service where all involved can work closely together to provide the best possible care. A partnership between all parties.

Our service provides:

Screening of carers (and other adults in the carer's home) prior to registration with Home to Home. This is achieved through:

  • A series of interviews
  • A police check
  • A doctor's check
  • Two references
  • Training and support including emergency first aid is provided for all carers
  • A matching process is carried out prior to placement of carers. This is achieved with the involvement of parents, guardians, family and whanau, carers and the Home to Home Service Coordinator
  • With regular monitoring and evaluation of placements on a regular basis to ensure the needs of all parties are being addressed
  • Standards have been developed to ensure that the best quality of care and services is provided


The carer's expenses are reimbursed by the Ministry of Health 'Carer support scheme'. Eligibility for allocation is determined through a needs assessment. These assessments are done through the local NASC agency or other agencies and will determine the number of carer support days available to help meet the needs of parents, guardians, families and whanau. There is no charge involved when accessing the Home to Home Service.

Contact us

If you are interested in this service, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.