Job seekers

We believe that every person can live the life he or she chooses within the community - if they have with enough support.

We believe in disabled people having a high quality of life throughout their whole life.

We can support you to find full or part-time work

  • Identify your career goals and any relevant work opportunities
  • Prepare your CV
  • Contact possible employers
  • Complete job applications
  • Practice for job interviews
  • Organise ongoing job support
  • Identify any barriers to employment and setting up supports to overcome them such as:
    • Equipment and adaptive technology
    • Building modifications
    • Wage subsidies
    • Support workers

We can also work with you so you can:

  • Live in a home of your choice, with the supports you need
  • Access transport
  • Find out what is on and where in your community. Things like clubs, courses, workshops, voluntary work and entertainment
  • Look for study opportunities
  • Make sure you are heard when there is something you want or need
  • Talk about your other hopes and dreams and how you can make these happen
  • Live a valued life

Contact us

 If you are interested in this service, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.