Supported lifestyles (family and youth)

We work to strengthen communities and provide support so people with disabilities are included in the life of their family and in their community.

We recognise that families as the most important support in a young person’s life. We work in partnership with families and also get to know each young person as an individual in their own right.

We want to make sure families:

  • Have the information they need to make decisions
  • Have the benefits and financial help they are entitled to
  • Have strong local community supports

 We want to make sure children and young people:

  • Are included in their school and community
  • Have the same rights, freedoms and opportunities as others their age
  • Grow and develop and have independent and fulfilling lives

 We want to support you to:

  • Make sure you are heard when there is something you want or need
  • Meet support people and agencies who can assist you do things you want to do
  • Meet up with others facing similar issues
  • Talk about your hopes and dreams and how you can make these happen
  • Plan together for your future

 How we can help

  • Benefits and entitlements
  • Being included in school
  • Being included in sports and clubs
  • Help with other agencies
  • Getting support
  • Meeting other families and young people
  • Planning for the future
  • Living a good life

Contact us

If you are interested in this service, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.