Supported lifestyles

Our Supported Lifestyles service is about supporting you to be in charge of your life.

We can provide you, your family and whānau with information, ideas and support, and connect you with your community. We can support you to speak for yourself, or can take an advocacy role on your behalf if you wish.

Having the right information

We can provide the information you need about:

  • Your disability
  • Making links in your community
  • Support and services that may be an option for you
  • Equipment, health and community services and supports
  • Funding and financial assistance, like Work and Income benefits, entitlements and grants
  • Your rights

Understanding your options for support

We will talk with you and connect you to the people and support that you believe will make a difference in your life. This can include:

  • You identifying your dreams and setting goals for any area or stage of your life
  • Exploring your options
  • Finding out what you might need to make your goals happen. This could include things like finding a school that works for your child, links into your local community, setting up respite that works for your family, working your way through systems such as income support, education, disability and health systems
  • We can connect you with the support and services you may need, like equipment, transport options or home support
  • Develop skills so your life works well for you
  • Coordinate services so you get the right people and the right support at the right time

Being included in your community

We can support you to:

  • Find out what’s in your community and how to join in and meet new people
  • Be part of activities you choose, like youth groups, arts and creative groups, exercise and sports groups and cultural gatherings
  • Move into education or work, with the support you need to succeed
  • Know your rights, be aware when they’re not being respected, and know what action you can take
  • Meet up with other people with similar experiences


We will keep in touch with you to make sure you’ve got what you need. If you don’t feel you are getting what you need, we can take an advocacy role. This could mean coming to a meeting with you, helping someone else to understand your needs, or writing a letter of support.

We also work with others to create a positive and welcoming environment for disabled people.

Contact us

If you are interested in Supported Lifestyles, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.

Download a copy of our Supported Lifestyles brochure (PDF 1.15MB) here.

Download a word version of our Supported Lifestyles brochure (Word 32kb) here.