Transition from School

Our transition services are for students who are thinking about leaving school, and wondering what to do next.

We can meet with you to make a 'leaving school' plan. You can also involve your family, whanau, friends and support people can also give their ideas, if you want to. We can work with you on your school plan too, so that the two plans fit together.

Support we can offer

We will talk with you to make sure your plans says what you want to try out during your last years of school. We can also work with you and your school to:  

  • Arrange for you to try out new things to see what you enjoy
  • Support you to make decisions about your future study, or career
  • Arrange some work experience 
  • Identify further study 
  • Find a leisure activity you haven’t tried before

Who can use this service?

This service is provided through funding from Ministry of Social Development. It is available to students who are 16 years, receive ORS funding, and are in their last year of school. If you not receive ORS funding, but you are in your last year of school, you  may also be eligible under other funding streams available to us.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about Leaving School (transition service), you or your school can contact your local CCS Disability Action.