Learn more about how and why we do the work we do in communities, through the stories of some of the people we are privileged to support. 

Aleesha thumb

At just 20 years old, Aleesha Kostyrko-Jones has landed her dream job. We share the steps she took to get there and find out what's next for this determined young woman. Read more about Aleesha's story.

heather thumb

Heather wanted to work so she could afford to feed herself and her cat and have a bit left over to enjoy life. Having a job for the last two years has given her all that, and so much more – confidence, a sense of belonging and community, fitness and purpose. Here, Heather shares her story. Read more about Heather's story.

Shannan thumb

Shannan Kohi is a man who has literally 'defied the odds'. From the time he was first born until today he's regularly been told by his doctors that he will not see his next birthday. While Shannan's physical health remains a central aspect of his life's story, at 39 years old, he is no longer defined by it. Read more about Shannan's story.

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