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Naomi's Story

Due to an impairment, Naomi needed support to transition from full time day care, into school. This process began two years ago and took six months of regular visits to the new entrant class at Ngāti Toa Primary School in Titahi Bay, Porirua.

“We advocated for Naomi’s family with the new entrance teacher, the principal of Ngāti Toa School and an early childhood education child psychologist, along with the manager of the day care facility Naomi attended,” says Mandy Arthur, Community Support Coordinator at CCS Disability Action, Wellington.

Naomi’s mother Natalie, who is visually impaired, was at her side as Naomi was slowly introduced to the playground, older children, her peers and the classroom routines that make up a regular day at school.

Even recent heart surgery at Starship Children’s Hospital did not impact on Naomi’s love of learning and she continues to be a keen student with a wide vocabulary and a passion for books.

“Naomi did an incredible job of settling back in at school after surgery. Her writing is going well and she has even become a bit of a chatterbox, which is wonderful,” says Mandy. “I have seen Naomi really develop over the past four years. CCS Disability Action is committed to providing continuing support to Naomi and her family as and when they need it,” she says.

Naomi settling back in after surgery

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