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How’s it Going?™ online tool

Welcome to the How’s it Going?™ online tool! We hope that the time you take to reflect on your life here gives you a strong idea of where you are at now, and where you might want to be in future. 

You should know that everything you enter here is private and belongs to you. CCS Disability Action cannot see your statements and do not keep a record of them.

Once you have finished, if you want to, you can email How's It Going? to yourself by clicking the "Send" button.

You can then decide if you what to:

  • Share some or all of it with someone else.
  • Use it to have a conversation with someone else about what you want to happen in your life and how they can support you.
  • Keep it if you’d like to use How’s it Going? again in future and see how things compare for you.

Please answer the following statements by selecting the number in the scale.

You may add comments in the area below the scale for each statement. Note, all statements and comments are optional.

  • Last

1. Feel in charge of my life and able to make my own decisions

2. I feel satisfied with my home and living situation

3. I feel safe in my daily life

4. I feel well and have enough energy to do the things I want to do

5. I feel connected to people who are important to me

6. I have access to the information I need

7. My daily activities and/or job are worthwhile

8. I feel part of my community

9. I have ways of getting around my community

10. I have enough money to live and do things I enjoy

11. I have the supports and resources to enjoy life

12. I feel connected to my culture in ways that are meaningful to me

13. I feel connected to my spirituality or religion

14. I have the opportunity to learn about things I am interested in

15. Overall I think I have a good life

16. I have the support and resources to be a great parent

17. I feel positive about my future

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