Accessible voting information

The Electoral Commission offers many different ways for all of us to cast our vote. Below you will find a number of links to websites carrying information for online voting, assisted voting, accessible polling booth locations and accessing voting options and information in a variety of languages as well as accessible formats. Exercising your democratic right to vote should never be hindered by a disability, an impairment or a lack of mobility or transport.

Call your local CCS Disability Action branch on 0800 227 2255 if you need support or information you cannot find listed here.

The full guide to the general election is available online in a variety of formats. You can choose from multiple languages including NZ Sign Language, as well as large print, audio, and image free versions for screen readers. There is also the option of Blind Low Vision NZ’s telephone information service to find out more information about the upcoming general election and the referendums.

The electoral commission website has some great ways to find your nearest accessible polling booth. You can search from a list of places near you, with a filter for accessibility or you can search using a map which also has clearly marked information on accessibility features.

Some of us need help to vote and there are also options available for this. You can have a support person who can tick your choice of candidate or read out the information for you. Your support person cannot tell you who to vote for or how you vote in the referendums. Those choices are yours and yours alone.

You can also vote via a telephone dictation service, but you must register for this service, even if you’ve used it before. You can register from the 14th of September to the 15th of October at 7pm. If you haven’t registered after that, then you’ll have to vote in person, but you can still have a support person to assist you.

Of course some of us physically can’t access voting booths. It could be because you are in hospital, a rest home, or you have limited mobility and transportation. Don’t worry, there’s also ways to vote in these instances too. The Electoral Commission work with hospital and rest home managers to find the best way to help you vote.

This could include requesting a postal vote or asking a family member or friend to pick up and deliver voting papers on your behalf. Postal voting registration closes on the 2nd of October, and can be ordered by calling 0800 36 76 56. Often in hospitals there is a voting booth, and mobile voting stations also travel to places like rest homes.

Important dates

  • 30th September 2020 overseas voting opens.
  • 2nd October postal registration closes.
  • 3rd October voting opens in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
  • 15th October telephone dictation registration closes.
  • 17th October election day.
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